Nuga Best !!!!!!!!

I met an old lady today and she was introduced to me by a friend. They call her “mommy”. We shake hands and to my surprise, she gave me a corn. May not look like the sweetest one but definitely a very generous gesture from someone I just have met. I got served with a very good treatment this morning for my back pain that I have been whining for almost 2 years now. My friend took me to a place called nuga best where 90 percent of the people are like as old as our first television set. Make it 10 times older.

Moving on, my friend told me about that place after I told her about my back pain. I am like a 60 year old man in my early 20’s because of this sting in my spine. People there are great and even the staffs that work there. It seems like everyone is your friend. We went inside the room and the first treatment that I have was this tummy machine thing. The lady assisted me and wrapped the tummy machine around my waste. It is like one of those big championship belts that wrestlers from the world wrestling federation wear with a little bit exaggeration (since the belt that I wore does not have any metals or chains hanging around). The wrestling belt started to vibrate and it felt like instant liposuction in just 30 seconds. My friend told me that the wrestling belt is good so that I would constantly visit our lavatory which is not a good friend of mine. After a few more minutes of being a champion wrestler, the belt started to vibrate harder and faster that I even forgot to breathe. I was in a little discomfort because the vibration of the belt was unbearable I could not believe it. So I asked my friend to have it stopped. And the lady that assisted me told me that it is normal since it is my first time. For God’s sake I did not pass military training back in college so that a wrestling belt will pull my manhood down. So I told her that I felt better and let the belt do its rolling for another 30 minutes. I get the hang of it and I would definitely do it again on my next visit.

After having my tummy treatment, we went forward to the bed machine where you would just lay down for 40 minutes and goodbye spine pain. The bed comes with this Jade stone gadget that is suppose to heal other ailments which luckily I don’t have. Another fine lady assisted me (which is one of the remaining 10 percent of the 100) throughout the treatment. Fortunately she was there or I could have slept on that very comfortable machine. After 40 minutes of lying down and talking to the lady, the treatment was over. I wish it was like on of those miracle stuffs that I see in TV where the blind can see and crippled people can walk again in just one push in the forehead. Of course I was still feeling a little bit of pain but at least I ain’t suffering no more. Besides, I got a dose of treatment more than what I have expected. The treatment was a definite relieve to me that I have been yearning for quite sometime.

I would definitely come back to that place…. Nice place,, nice people,,, good for the health,,,, good for the body and good for the heart….. lovely day….. till then…


~ by jhaynonsense on September 19, 2006.

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  1. just like what you promised, a good read. nice artik for a nice day 😉

  2. uy!

    san to at magkano? tagal na rin ako nag kaka back pain eh

  3. along buendia,, pasama ka kay eds,,, she has this VIP pass of some sort hehehheh

  4. You can check out NUGA Best’s Principles at their site I bet you will appreciate how it can cure your back ache.

    Its popularity is just starting here in Cebu City

  5. huy! sama ko.. hehehe.. 🙂

  6. yes nuga best is growing and everyone can use it for their personal benefit either healing and or better wellness. Check it out at It’s growing in New England where i established a showroom in Massachusetts.

  7. hi, i was looking for this nuga. would you happen to know where in buendia. i would appreciate the exact address.

  8. its absolutely free!! You dont need to pay for it…

  9. Yeah also tried it but only the bed a friend of mine has a nugabest in Greece now in 2 location in Athens.

  10. there are many branches already.if you’re near or within alabang,muntinlupa.You can visit Nuga best in festival mall.2nd floor.Just above the national bookstore..There are many people improved their conditions and healed..Go there and its free..

  11. my mom has, 71 y/o, had been visiting the nuga clinic, DAILY, for many weeks, with 2 other old friends. she was quite impressed about u already know what & she had become like addicted to it. soon after, she developed liver cirrhosis, went in & out of hospitals & died after a few months. As far as i know about livers, it is quite a delicate organ with delicate functions in the body. Within a year that other friend she had been going with to the nuga clinic died also of liver cirrhosis. The next year, the remaining other friend died also of the same ailment… her 1st death anniversary, nuga was one of the biggest conversation topics in our family….my relatives were wondering why the treatments were free. my mom did not pay a single cent, according to her. could it be that the free treatments were just experimental?….the nuga had been experimenting on those unwitting people? God forbid!

  12. its not an experimental thing its free cause its a marketing strategy also instead of paying for advertisement on tv or on radio its better that people will experience it the one will spread about nuga. There are many people who improved their health and even healed cancer.that testimony came from the person who has cancer.How many people are coming there everyday 600 people.They will not go back there if they dont feel any improvement in their health.Nuga dont give diseases they will help you to heal or if thecase is severe already it will alleviate the pain that supposed to be severe pain..

  13. I’ve been going to nugabest Quezon avenue for quiet sometime for my highblood pressure treatment and enlargement of the heart. I can feel that I am being healed thru the nugabest bed. I do hope that nugabest bed have a branch in Marilao, Bulacan cause I very far from quezon ave. I am staying at Marilao so I hope they can have a branch in Marilao. Thank you.

  14. can u give me the exact location where in Quezon ave.? i really
    want to experience this healing bed cause of my hypertension and
    back ache…thanks for your response!


  16. Hi, my sisters sent me an e-mail, and told me in last two months they’ve
    been receiving FREE THERAPY from NUGA BEST, I’m looking for NUGA BEST
    CENTRE in London(I live in London). Would you please tell me if there is
    a NUGA BEST CENTRE in London? if there is one, would you please tell me
    the exact address.I appreciate and thanking you, for your help.

  17. I live in Azerbaijan(the country on the coast of Caspian Sea).here in Azerbaijan we have NUGA BEST CENTRE.Its effect are perfect.every day i go to nuga best with my sister.

  18. There is another Nugabest along Kalayaan Street near Quezon City Circle leading to Kamias Street. Near City Hall.

    I was just trying to teasee my wife when she told be about this Nugabest. On many occassions I just ignored him. But when I tried it, i was amazed how I was relieved on my back pain i have been enduring for years. If I squat or sit on the ground for a time, i hardly stand up because of my back pain. I am just 45 yrs old. This nugabest bed made the trick. I m quite busy as executive, so I bout one bed for my personal use. I think it is worth the investment. As if i have a personal masseur/massager every night before i sleep. I recommend to those who are busy and have no time waiting in line for free treatments.

  19. similar story with my mom. we live in Ukraine. we also have free sessions, the only condition is to listen to their 40-minutes lectures every time u come. my mom was going 3 times a week to lie on that bed, and also she bought a turmanium carpet and another weird thing that looks like a huge old telephone.
    anyway, shes been using those devices every day for like couple months.
    before just recently she has had a severe bleeding from her nose.
    we had to call an ambulance.
    i read on the net this could be caused by overheating the organism. she was basically sleeping on that carpet often.
    also, i cant see any improvements in her health in general.
    people, just be careful, and mind that those who want to sell their products dont really care about your health, you should care!

  20. i wonder if nugabest is the same as ceragem (masterbed) which is now becoming popular among sick Pinoys, and in fact has a clinic in quezon avenue??? tnx is someone replies.

  21. too much of anything is bad, isn’t it? i think the sessions should not be too frequent especially for the elderly who should be extra careful.

  22. I’m looking for NUGA BEST CENTER in HOUSTON.Would you please tell me if there is one and the exact address?I appreciate and thank you for your help.

  23. pwede ba malaman address kung saan meron nito malapit sa pasay,gusto ko sanang masubukan,meron kasi kong dinadamdam sa likod bandang balakang. Salamat po sa mag rereply

  24. i have been hearing about this free therapy from my sisters back home, and some of my friends recommended me to give it a try. one of my friends who has been complaining about her abdominal pains and was suggested by a doctor for her to undergo an operation due to some gall stones seen thru the ultraound. after few months, she visited regularly the “happy dreams” -(which is the nuga best bed) and was very surprised that when she had her recent check-up, the doctor found no gall stones no more.

    can someone please tell me complete contact details where i can avail of the free therapy. if someone kind enough to tell us a branch near ortigas area. i used to pass by the barangay san antonio, shaw boulevard the nuga best branch. however, i guess only this year thay they have transferred?

    thank you so much.


  25. hey…guys!!! nugabest have over 30 branches nationwide giving free treatment…their headoffice located in 2nd floor festival supermall alabang,muntinlupa city or u can contact them @ 850-3128 / 850-6096 then u can ask them where other nugabest branches located…get HURRY!!! avail their FREE TREATMENT…it’s really GREAT;-)

  26. Is anybody know contact info or phone number dealer/distributor in the USA? I try to find the price list for NUGA BEST BEDS

  27. Ther is one in Phila PA on Grant ave 215 969 9600 ask for Mike

  28. anybody wants to buy a 2nd hand nuga best bed?only PHP90,000 neg. RUSH.slightly personal used.

  29. NUGA BEST IN LONDON IS IN WO0D GREEN.07825789065/02083505752

  30. nugabest treatment: after pain, cleansing, suffering,throwing i am healed

  31. hi. i work at teleperformance edsa central. where is the nugabest shaw exactly located at. thanks. would appreciate it really if you could reply. my email is

  32. hi, ca nuga treat leukemia? wait for your reply… godbless

  33. Hi, where is Nuga Best in London? Please, I very need. Do you know how much? Do you know how I can by? thanks e-mail

  34. I know one in USA its Philadelphia PA you can coll them 215 9699600 .Grate people and I think they have promo for used beds write now

  35. We have Nuga Best show rooms in Athens (4) and I visit one of them quite regularly. I read some negative opinions but nobody mentioned about so called Reactions to recovery. It means that our organism while getting rid of chronical disorders, reacts with painful or annoying symptoms like nautia, bleeding, diarrhoea or the contrary, etc,but it keeps 3 days to 1 week max. I saw one old woman who came with crutches (due to rheumatic pains and osteoporosis) and left them in the show room because she recovered from her ailment. Anyway, there is a special detailed manual with recommendations on how to use the bed, the belt, the turmanium mat, the 5-sphere projector, the bio heart (reflexology device) etc. The negative reaction is encouraging because it shows that the body/organism responds positively to the treatment. Every day 3-4 times every 4 hours is the recommended schedule. The best time for session is 6-8 a.m. but any time is also good. I myself is not an easy believer but I am curious and test everything by myself with caution, of course. If I had some serious desease and had doubts in respect of this equipment , I would liaise with a doctor. He would give me a piece of his mind but I would still made an investigation of my own. Of couse, the equipment is for sale, but I consider that the Company’s marketing policy is very humane that is why I say they are also clever. THey give you perfect service, they do good adding to their carma (if you will) and helping people. The decision to buy or not to buy is up to you. Nobody pushes on you.
    Ceragem is a company which manufactures similar products (Mr. Chon-President of Nuga Best was working for this company and about 10 years ago he decided to establish a business of his own, good for him!).

  36. Nuga Best NM-4500 Thermal Massage Bed System
    Nuga Best NM-4500 Thermal Massage Bed System

    Nuga Best NM-4500 Thermal Massage Bed System Includes Official 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Service. $2500.00

    Ships Via Freight – 3 Boxes
    Nuga Best NM-5000 Thermal Massage Bed System
    Nuga Best NM-5000 Thermal Massage Bed System

    Nuga Best NM-5000 Thermal Massage Bed System Includes Official 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Service. $2800.00

    Ships Via Freight – 3 Boxes
    Nuga Tourmanium Ceramic Heat Pad
    Nuga Tourmanium Ceramic Heat Pad

    Nuga Tourmanium Ceramic Far-Infrared Heat Pad $300.00

    Ships Via USPS Priority Mail
    Nuga Tourmanium Ceramic Far-Infrared Heat Pad (Nuga JinPum – 40′ x 80′)
    Nuga Tourmanium Ceramic Far-Infrared Heat Pad (Nuga JinPum – 40″ x 80″)

    Nuga JinPum Tourmanium Ceramic Far-Infrared Healthy Heat Mattress $850.00 *

    Ships Via Freight On Pallet
    A Nuga Medical Company Wellness Technology E-tailer

    Place Your Nuga Best Order Online – Fast Shipping

  37. i am interested to buy a nuga best massage bed, as well as its other products. Please give me the prices and the terms of payment.


    IS THERE Any belt i have heard abt the nuga best belt which has same functions morover it is cheaper as compare to NUGA BEST bed.. any one pls advice ..

  39. hi! would just like to ask for the directions of Nugabest branch on buendia, exact address please . . . . thanks in advance! =)

  40. Do you know any branch here in Kaiserslautern, Germany??? Thanks!!!

  41. Plz tell the names of distributors in India ..

  42. hi, im also having this therapy here in latvia while im on vacation , and now im wondering mb someone knows if there is any branches in Dublin, Ireland, cause this treatment really is a miracle. thanks a lot for any feedback.

  43. Germany, Leipzig

  44. maganda tlaga ang nuga anyokosau

  45. Good News…. NUGA BEST San Fernando La Union is open.. You Can Visit us at 2nd Floor CJArch Bldg.Brgy 1 Quezon Ave San Fernando City La Union

  46. Good News…. NUGA BEST San Fernando La Union is open.. You Can Visit us at 2nd Floor CJArch Bldg.Brgy 1 Quezon Ave San Fernando City La Union…God Bless to all and good health

  47. i think nugabest is an oriental ways of therapy utilizing heat and chiropractic pressure to enhance the blood circulation of the body
    activating the nerves that have been dislodged, optimizing the nutrient supply to the different body organs.

  48. Well i think you guys missed something more than than why dont you try Ceragem also in Quezon Avenue same building of KLOWNZ if you know Allan K commedy bar. The place is nicer and for sure all your backpain will be gone it helps a lot besides youll have your treatment for FREE no charge at all promise! I’ve been there a dozen of times we really enjoy the place all the people specially the staff are much friendlier. I wont post this if it didnt help me. Im happy now and all my pains are gone. So go there try it personally to see it to believe!

  49. Best you could make changes to the blog subject Nuga Best !!!!!!!! Nonsense me! to more catching for your webpage you write. I liked the the writing even sononetheless.

  50. stuffs. lol.

  51. NUGA BEST is part of my life.

  52. HELLO ALL! If anyone have disassembled Nuga Best mats, then pls contact me via e-mail. I’d like to know what are the insides and real principles of its work. This info isn’t provided by Nuga-Best or anyone else (including internet)!! My mom bought it so i’d like to clarify this. And also when i used it for some time, afterwards i had diarrhea – it seem to be a common effect? Is it normal? I think that’s not approved.

  53. Hi All, I am 36 years old and am suffering with multiple myoma, I though I’m gaining my weight but its too late when i knew I have myoma. I undergo GNRH 3.75g vial for 6months, and yet it shrink a little around 1cm but still the other doesnt work. Until 1 day a friend of mine, told me to visit nugabest in robinson pala-pala, and I tried, I feel good, really, but the thing is, what is the percentage that it will get rid of my myoma? I am willing to buy, what is best to get rid of it, Tourmanium belt?

  54. yes! Nuga Best is very good to all Sickness! you may think at first is this really true?! but then once you tried it TRUELLY it is!!! More more info you may ask me freely @ We have Nuga Best Center here in Cebu located at North Gate Centre Banilad next to UC Bldg ajd across Gaisano Country Mall.
    Come & try our Thermo- Acuppresure Therapy Bed the so-called Miracle Bed!!!!!
    we were also featured in Isyu karon a morning time tv show. you may watch it ij youtube @ The Mylsaway.

    Thank you so much and Good Health to everyone!!!
    – myls 4/28/11 –

  55. hello
    i would like to bay nuga best massage table to my business
    may i have more infonrmation
    thank you

  56. Nuga Best La Union.. ang taray ng isa ninyong receptionist. you should fire that lady. her name is Cindy Mondano.. akala mo kung sino! you should fire her, ang sungit sungit ang pangit ng ugali nia. nakakasira sa image ng Nuga best

  57. hi my family is a frequent client of nugabest and it helps a lot in curing many illnesses in thefamily and i thank the company so much ur a great help in many people bec of free treatment,the only comment that i wanna share or ask is some people in the company is do u allow ur office to be used as rendezvous of ur stay in employees for their personal matters like allowing theirboyfiend to sleep their and go home in the morning.i ask one of the staff if ur office allow this ,and she said yes the management knows this,kaya ito poang tanong ko ok lng po ba ang ganitong gawain ng mga empleyado nyo?ang gawinghotel ang ofis nyo?gus2 q lang po malaman..asap

  58. GOOD DAY! i have so much concerned about the Filipino’es when the time that the image of Nugabest had been ruined by DOH, without even knowing and tried to have teatment nugabest but they just easily judged it. My mother was a patient of nugabest and she get well of their way of treatment. I could say that nugabest is the best. For somebody misjudged and ruined nugabest for no reasons well DAMN YOU ALL. There is no company who gives free treatment except nugabest. For the people patronizing nugabest, please help nugabest to overcome all of the trials and challenges made by some other people nothing have to do but ruin nugabest. This is for the good of the Filipino people cannot afford to buy their medications. some of them might be your relatives and love ones. For all clients of nugabest, just continue your treatment which our government cannot give us for free. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! GOD BLESS NUGABEST!!!

  59. my tama ka REY.. ganyan din dito sa San Fernando City. ganyan din ang ginagawa ng mataray na receptionist nila na si Cindy Mondano. better yet fire those people na malalandi. yakk. panira sa nugabest

  60. 2nd day namin d2 nuga bes+ ng lola ko.pur0 oldies.aun.ok naman.gus2 ku lang gumaling dn.sna lang 22ong ggaling km.

  61. hello.people of the word!!!! the Nuga best is the best for me and many people all over the word.bcoz all product of nuga best is one of instrument from god………
    just always pray……and trust your self…..

  62. those who wants to pull NUGA BEST down, i pity you guys! of all those people going to & fro in der wellness center(NUGA BEST center/s old & youngs too),they wont dare to come back if they dont feel any improvements in der well being!…mas magandang ipagsabi ang mabuting naidulot ng NUGA rather than siraan cla…masama kayong halimbawa ng lipunan kong sinisira nyo ang kapwa nyong nagbibigay/gumagawa ng MABUTI sa karamihan!…ito lng masasabi ko at pwede ko ipagsigawan “in NUGA BEST,i really feel great & got a lot of improvement in my illnesses that even my CONVENTIONAL medicines i take everyday wont give me”…MABUHAY ANG NUGABEST!

  63. Hi, my name is precy my sister told me about NUGA BEST and i told her to order me 1 bed type with a mat to be used in my place in Calamba, Laguna so i can try when i get there. Is it possible for me to get trained so i can start a business here in Australia

  64. i am planning to buy nuga best for my father who is suffering from parkinsons does it really works as said?????

    Kindly notify me of the price

  65. Thank you guys for believing at the benefits of Nugabest. I was a client coach before at Kalayaan and one thing I’ve learned…

    That at the end of a day, after lecturing, coaching, assisting
    300 – 400 clients, together with my other facilitators,
    the smiles and thank you’s from the satisfied clients,
    relieves me from being tired !

    The joy of being a servant leader will never be forgotten…

    It certainly changed my perspective in life. Thank You Nugabest !

  66. my mum just got stroke 2 weeks now any idea to help please

  67. hi, i have been using Nugabest for at least 2 months, and it helps me to relief my back pain where i have suffered for so many years..

  68. Hello everyone, I live in San Antonio, TX and I am looking for a place where I can do Nuga Best, originally I am from Bulgaria and I was going to their sessions over there with my mum and it really helped, does anyone know where I can find it here in US, thank u and have a good one

  69. Hello, I’m from Azerbaijan, and I would like to know if there’s any free Nuga Best office in Baku/ Azerbaijan?

  70. Hello, anyone wants to buy a second hand nugabest bed? 85,000.. if interested, email me at

  71. just want to know if meron bang nuga best here in Quezon City… saan po ang exact location… thanks!

  72. Highly descriptive blog, I liked that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

  73. is it available in india…. maybe near or in new delhi?

  74. mind letting me know which web host you are using?
    I’ve loaded your page in 2 different browsers and I will have to say this blog site loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good hosting company at a fair price? Thank you, I appreciate it! Plz also exc

  75. The NUGA Best House So far opened in India are as :-


    B-16, Basement,
    Near Kailash Dham Appartment,
    Sector 50, Noida, U.P-201301
    Tel No: +91 9971651802


    H.No 7-1-59/4/8 C2, 4th Floor, Turning point Apts,
    opp. Police outpost, Rahamatnagar,
    Opp Vijay Textiles Ltd., above Sydicate bank, Lal Banglo,
    Ameer pet, Hyderabad-500016
    Tel No: +91 9160022246, 040 31002326


    #1705, 1st Floor, Kothari Complex,
    Dr.Rajkumar Road, Prakash Nagar,
    Opp Of IDBI Bank,, Banglore-560021
    Tel No: +91 8722255997, 080-41261180


    329, Konnur High Road,
    Ayannavaran, Chennai
    Tel No: +91 044 43180004, 9566115436, 9952249200


    301/3, BASEMENT, SECTOR-9,
    VIKAS NAGAR, LUCKNOW(U.P.) – 226022
    Tel No: +91 7800101454


    5, Basement Vrundavan Building,
    Gurukul Road Drive In Road, Ahmedabad
    Tel No: +91 9898155147


    Idgah road,Opp. Kalika Chawl,
    Bilaspur, Chattisgarh
    Tel No: +91 9827982982, 9301024251


    Susmitha Towers,1st Floor,Vasan Medical
    Hall Upstair,, No-22 Big Sowrashtra street,
    Tel No: +91 9965879446

    Tanishq Health Care Services

    A-9, Gujrawalan Town, Part-I,
    GT Karnal Road,
    New Delhi – 110009
    Tel No: +91 011 47596939, 9899582226

    S.S Therapy Centers

    CO -12/13, Model Town Extension.
    Block -D, Dugri Road,
    Ludhiana, Punjab.
    Tel No: +91 0161-2500999/5052803, 9888065315


    AB-7, Sector-1, Salt Lake City,
    Near PNB Bank,
    Kolkata – 700064
    Tel No: +91 9830611677

    Nuga Sarang therapy Center

    Taha House, Basement, A-1 Kondwa,
    Salunke vihar, Pune-411048
    Tel No: +91 9555504415, 024 26856996


    N-9, H-1/1, Shri Krishna Nagar,
    Hudco, Aurangabad.
    Tel No: +91 0240 2391877, 9868345611, 9970304999


    Building No. 82, P- Block, Ist Floor,
    Shri Ganga Nagar, Rajashthan
    Tel No: +91 09001578222, 9001578111


    1st floor, shusoditta Apprt.,
    Kilburn colony, near EYLX Cinma,
    Hinoo, ranchi, Jharkhand.
    Tel No: +91 9955932325, 0651-6571160


    Tel No: +91 8281468913, 09176656269


    House No.4, Satya Bhavan,
    Behind Windsoer Estate 1, Kolar Orad,
    Choona Bhati,
    Bhopal, Madhya Prdesh.
    Tel No: +91 9691597646

  76. A friend invited me to try a thermal massage of Nuga Best, in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, when i told him, i have back pain, indeed I readily join the next day they are going, when we arrrived, a fine lady welcomed us, ushered us, in a recieving room where we are told to wait for the 1st batched to be finished, we were made to lie on a bed, asked us to put gradually the 9 ball far infrared lamp from waist to the back of my neck, Alas! it felt great after the first session, then I was asked again to try Nuga Best 5000 bed, with its projector rolling into my back automatically, Yeah! i got relieved, so i went back, again and again. Thanks to Nuga Best,

  77. Just you are interested in buying, I am selling my used Nugabest Bed. For 80K only.

  78. There is also a newly open Nugabest Branch in BF Paranaque president avenue.

  79. Wonderful story please.

  80. Hi! Suggest ko lang po, may Nuga Best po sa may Festival Mall sa may Alabang Muntinlupa, 2nd floor taas po sya ng National Bookstore. Member po ako ng Nuga, at wala pong bayad.. Pipila ka lang po. Tapos habang nakapila ka po, makikinig ka po sa mga lecture about sa products ng Nuga Best! Yun po. ^-^ love your post sir. More power.

  81. We are selling lowest cost pulse electromagnetic whole body mat in world. Our PEMF bed does’t have static magnets but there is magnetic induction when electric current is passed through copper coils.We are selling lowest cost PEMF bed in world for $1200 USD excluding S&H with 3 years warranty and support.It is new cutting edge technology for back pain,knee pain ,arthritis ,cervical pain, frozen shoulders ,fibromyalgia, sprain , non union of bone after fracture ,osteoporosis,osteoarthritis etc. This technology is first time in India also available at AIIMS hospital New Delhi and other leading hospitals in India. FDA approved technology in USA ,widely used in USA,europe and other western countries. More than 20000 research papers are available world wide about this technology.We have treated many cases with excellent results in past 10-12 years. Goolge pemfindia to know more about us .
    Absolute safe and no side effects

  82. Bka po maturing an Nyo aq sa exact location ng nuga best sa baliuag Bulacan or marilao.salamat po,sauna po me mgreply.

  83. Hi guys gusto ko po sanang masubukan tong Nugabest pero ang layo naman dito sa Baclaran, kasi sa Festival Mall pa sya. Bakit naman wala dito Manila man lang or Pasay?

  84. Hi Aryana, meron branch in Sucat sa likod ng bagong SM near BF

  85. Infragem Mediacal Co has launched the most awaited latest Nuga massage bed, which is equipped with many advanced features for most relaxing therapy benefits. The spinal massage relieves pressure from the spinal cord, unblocks nerves, and allows the vertebrae to move back into the correct position.

  86. Nuga relaxes the muscles and tendons by reducing anxiety, increasing flexibility, increasing blood circulation and improving sleep. Nuga Best Massage Bed applies massaging action on the spine and provides provides both acupressure and massage effect.

  87. My parents loves to buy stuff even if most of the times hindi or seldom used lang. Im thinking of judt selling our nuga bed kaso nasa marvos hi way benguet sya, inuwi doon ksi nkastock dto but same lang din nakadtvk fin lang doon. Anybody intetested? Magkano ba a slighly used nuga bed? We also have the hot and cold for the feet…

  88. If you are in sydney contact me 0422656972 or send an email to experience how nugabest work on your body.

  89. bakit nyo benebenta mga nuga bed nyo anung mga dahilan?

  90. has any one used nuga bed for more than a year and how did it affect his/her health?

  91. Nuga best is all a farce. They have this free therapy where people can go. The staff are no doubt very friendly but they are most unqualified people. There is more to what meets the eye. They claim they are a NGO ( Non Governmental Organization ) and are doing a social service. The cost of their products are ridiculously high – In India the cost of the N4 bed costs Rupees 1,60,000. They have no cancellation policy and do not deliver to the address . They insist on a high booking amount for their products so that if customers change their mind they have made a killing profit without selling the product. We faced this situation.
    They seem the most friendly however when it comes to business they are ruthless people. Nuga Best should be investigated for their hidden practices. They are just fooling people. – I tell people – Eat healthy food , maintain a healthy lifestyle and lead a stress free life and you do not need these fly by night Nuga characters.

  92. After feeling healed & confermed by my physician, & i stop using this products; won’t the problem surface again?

  93. Nuga Best is a dangerous…pls see and read the link…

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